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HEALTH: Foreign tourists are required to fill in a cursory Health Declaration Form (distributed before arrival). Those planning on staying in China for a period of over six months may be required to present medical records. It is advisable to have vaccination records if you have been traveling in affected areas previous to visiting China.

Major hotels have a clinic or services of a doctor.

VISA: Foreign visitors and their travel agents can obtain individual or group visas from Chinese embassies and consulates, or China Travel Service offices in Hong Kong, usually within a day or two. Most tourists are included in group visas, not inserted into passports. For individual travelers, single-entry visas are valid for entry within three months. For business people and other regular visitors there are multiple-entry visas good for six months at a time. Each visa is valid for a stay of 30 or 60 days, and can be extended while in China. Visitors should be sure to carry their passports while in China as they are needed to check into hotels, make plane or train reservations, exchange money or establish the holder's identity. Loss of passport should be reported immediately to the holder's embassy or consulate, and the nearest Public Security Bureau.

EMBASSIES & CONSULATES: There are no western consulates in Yunnan. Your national embassy in Beijing (some also have consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou) can assist in the event of emergency.


    China National Tourism Administration
    No. 9A Jian Guo Men Nei Avenue
    Beijing, China
    Tel: (86-10) 512 2849
    Fax: (86-10) 523 1758

    Travel & Tourism Administration of Yunnan Province
    218 South Huang Cheng Road
    Kunming, Yunnan Province
    Tel: (86-871) 313-7861
    Fax: (86-871) 313-5204

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