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Facts about Vietnam

Location: Occupying a wide arc around the West and Southwest of Southeast Asia, bordered to the North by Yunnan, to the West by Lao P.D.R. and Cambodia, to the East by the Gulf of Tonkin.

Area: 128,000 square miles, with mountains in the north around the Red River Delta and along the western borders. Vietnam's coastline is 3020 miles long. The Mekong flows from Cambodia and divides into five branches that create a delta almost 26,000 square miles in size, and one of Asia's great rice bowls.

Population: 72.5 million, members of 54 ethnic groups, as well as the dominant Vietnamese. They include the Montagnards, Dao, Hmong, Muang, Thai and Chinese.

Capital: Hanoi, population 3 million.

Economy: Recovering from the wars, the country is developing - with the help of foreign investment - large scale manufacturing, oil exploration and tourism. Agriculture remains the bedrock of the economy, particularly the production of rice, vegetables and fruit.

Climate: The North has cool, dry winters from November to April, Summers are hot and rainy. The South is tropical with constant heat (25-30 degrees C), dry from November to April, very hot March and April, rainy often April to October. Cental Vietnam is a mixture of the two.

Language: Vietnamese, local dialects. English is widely understood and the older generation speaks French.

Time: GMT plus 7

Currency: Dong

IDD: Country code - 84 Area code - 4 (Hanoi)
- 8 (Ho Chi Minh City)

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