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Facts about Lao P.D.R.

Location: Landlocked in the heart of Southeast Asia, bordered by Yunnan Province, China , Cambodia, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam.

Area: Slightly larger than Great Britain, 70% of Laos is covered with mountains and high plateaus. The Annamite mountains run the length of the country as does the Mekong which provides the major transport artery between north and south and irrigation. Much of Laos is forested.

Population: 4.5 million comprising 68 ethnic groups, mostly members of the Thai-Lao or Mon-Khmer families. Only 15% of the population live in towns.

Capital: Vientiane, with a population of 400,000.

Economy: Less than 10% of the land is suitable for agriculture, usually the cultivation of rice, corn, wheat, cotton, fruits and vegetables. Two thirds of the country is forested and teak is a major export. There is also a great potential in mineral resources.

Climate: Tropical, with rainy season from May to October. Best time to visit is November to March, during the dry season.

Language: Lao. English is widely understood in the cities while French is spoken by the older generation.

Time: GMT plus 7.

Currency: Kip

IDD: Country code - 856 Area code - 21 (Vientiane)

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