Western Hills near Kunming

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Kunming is known as the "City of Perpetual Spring" because of its mild climate. It brings to mind, for westerners, Claire Chennault's famed Flying Tigers, daring pilots who flew "over the hump" from Bengal to help the Chinese during World War II.

Resting on a 20,000 ft. high plateau, its is a land of unique cultures, crystal blue skies and breathtaking scenery.

Green Lake, in the heart of Kunming, is a public gathering place where residents go boating, practice their dance steps, play games and celebrate the "laughing seagulls". Each year, thousands of Siberian black-headed gulls choose Kumning as their winter retreat.

Yuantong Temple is a finely-restored example of Tang Dynasty architecture with an ornately carved gate, the Great Hall of the Buddha and Octagonal Pavilion, set in a lotus pool and connected by half-moon bridges.

The Western Hills or Green Peacock Mountain overlooks Dianchi Lake, an inland sea covering 123 square miles. The Sanqing Temple, a pavilion and tea house, and the Dragon Gate, a series of caves and grottoes, rest on the sheer cliffs and offer spectacular vantage points.

The Folk Village near Kumning will eventually offer a glimpse of the lives of each of Yunnan's ethnic minorities.

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