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A strategic air and sea port during the Indochinese War, Danang was once the capital of the Kingdom of Champa. The Cham Museum has a vast collection of art from the period which spanned more than 1,000 years.

Nearby Hoi An is an ancient port with a Chinese flavor. Some Japanese also settled dthere as is evidenced by the landmark Japanese Covered Bridge. Most of Hoi An's colorful pagodas, assembly halls and private houses are found near Tran Phu Street.

The Marble Mountains, overlooking Danang, was an important religious spot and a haven for Communist guerillas during the war. A staircase cut into the mountain leads to a series of grottoes. At Huyen Khon Cave, the midday sun pours through holes in the ceiling dramatically spotlighting a statue of the Buddha Sakaymuni.

China Beach, a resort made famous during the War era, is now a quiet stretch of sand. There are plans, however, to develop it into a large leisure complex.

Jewels of the Mekong
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